Shipping Policy

Our shipping policy is simple. 


If the item you have purchased is in stock, and not on a weekend. We will ship the items out within 48 hours. If the purchase is on the weekends or holidays, we will ship out as fast as we can and typically that falls within 72 hours.

We will choose the fastest route at our disposal based on time of order and package information. In most all cases we provide shipping and tracking information and it will be uploaded upon receipt from the postal service or third party companies we may ship through.

We do not offer refunds on shipping cost for your errors but will refund shipping if your items fails to be shipped for what ever reason,

In the event of a damaged items and a delayed order takes place, we will contact you via your supplied information and let you know of the status at which point we may present offers to remedy it, including a longer wait to ensure we have what your asking for. All other questions and concerns should be directed to you "contact us" page.