The Vintage Phoenix is a Faith based Family Business in the heart of Broken Arrow Oklahoma. The store was created to be able to give back to our community with out all the red tape and greed that can go on in this industry.

We have a vendor mall called The Vintage Phoenix Vendor Mall, where we house some of the very best and amazing members we call family. 1000's of items to look at and fall in love with. From the lighting to the scents we have thought of the processes very carefully. This is important to us as we want the experience to be unique and heartfelt. There are no gimmicks in our store. We listen to the music, laugh, smile and drink coffee together as a team.

Also in the Phoenix is the Legendary, Ava (my wife) who has brought the standard to Broken Arrow in regards to painted furniture and design. She has been able to create the most spectacular sights that border on Masterpeices

Words only get you so far. Come in a see why we are constantly graded as the very best in what we do.


701 W. Washington St

Broken Arrow, OK 74012